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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocket writing

One day Greg was getting ready for a big meeting in the V.I.B(very important business)tower. He had dressed in a big black suit and a colourful tie, he was driving to the tower when he suddenly saw a man with magic bottles in his Hands and one of them said jumbo, he started walking to the tower as well. Greg got out of his car and walked inside to the elevator, the man with magic bottles had smudged stuff all over the button and speeded away, Gregg didn’t even notice he was so busy talking to another guy, so he pressed the button to go to the top floor but when he pressed the button he began to grow larger and Larger. 1 week later the magic man got caught and got sent to jail for his actions. That very same day the man got sent to jail, Gregg was in hospital trying to shrink, people were trying to come up with  potions to make him shrink, eventually they did make a potion to shrink him so gregg drunk the potion and he returned to normal size.

The end.

Monday, 11 September 2017

ht speech 2017

Trying to get to sleep at camp.
Have you ever tried to get to get to sleep but you hear a scary noise?
Well I experienced this at school camp.
We arrived at wainui camp on the bus, once i stepped on to the hard tiny pebble stones, I could already tell it was going to be a great camp!
After that we got assigned to our cabins, they were large wooden cabins with about 5 bunk beds in each cabin. Once I walked inside, I heard a creak in the floor, shivers ran up my spine everyone was scared I chose the first bunk bed I could see. I raced up to the top and claimed it.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 4 trebuchet

Week four : Trebuchet.
In week four we are learning about the trebuchet which Is the same as a catapult, we were looking at the motions of the trebuchet. There is a little string that you pull to make the trebuchet work and then the object in the slinger will go flying in the air, with lots of air resistance.

Week 2 balloon rocket

Week two: Balloon rocket. We are learning about forces acting on the string. My observation of my balloon rocket was very cool, because the balloon on the wool was swirling around like a monkey, I thought the force acting on it was a thrust force, The balloon was also going slow I think it was, because of the thickness of the wool string. I wonder how fast it would speed across the string if it wasn't so thick.

Week 3 balloon rocket

Week three:Balloon rocket. This time when I did my balloon rocket I had fishing wire instead of wool string. The fishing wire had a different effect, on the balloon because the fishing wire was not as thick as the wool string. The balloon was going very fast and making a fart noise, I think it was because the air was coming out fast on the thrust of the balloon.

Week 1 slimeing the principal

Science journal 23.5.2017
      Week one: Sliming Mr Anderson with slime. In the morning on Tuesday, Miss Smith had a bucket of slime in her hands. Our class went to the hall, there was about 3 people from each class on the stage waiting to slime mr Anderson. When it was our classes turn, the slime was coming out of the bucket very slowly. It looked gooey, green, light blue and looked very sticky. What I've learnt from this is how to make slime.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal week 8

Week 8: onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been studying the onager and the trebuchet. We were writing down ideas about what is the same about them and the differences about them using a compare and contrast map. We recorded the distance of the ball or hacky sack and looked at the forces of the catapults.

The similarities about the onager and the trebuchet is that they both use thrust. The trebuchet has a higher arch because it has a larger arm to throw the object in the sling really far. Where as the onager has a lower arch because it has a shorter arm than the Trebuchet.

The onager has more velocity when you pull the string on it because it's torsion powered. Whereas the trebuchet has less velocity because it's gravity powered.

 In conclusion the trebuchet would be better for getting over castle walls because it has a higher arc because of it’s high arm.