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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Clash royale

What do I Work Hard At.

I work hard at Clash Royale.

After school I play on my ipad. I play a game called clash royale. I'm looking, touching, playing and concentrating.
I feel great playing the game because I'm working hard at it and having so much fun.
I also love playing this game with my friends. If I'm ready before school sometimes I get to play it in the morning. This game is about strategy so I help my brother most times.


  1. Awesome description I can connect because I play this is well

  2. Clash Royal? I never really got that but this was a amazing peice of writing anyway. I love the line when you say, I also love playing this game with my friends because it shows you are kind and caring about who you are friends with. Keep writing because this is amazing.