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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal week 8

Week 8: onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been studying the onager and the trebuchet. We were writing down ideas about what is the same about them and the differences about them using a compare and contrast map. We recorded the distance of the ball or hacky sack and looked at the forces of the catapults.

The similarities about the onager and the trebuchet is that they both use thrust. The trebuchet has a higher arch because it has a larger arm to throw the object in the sling really far. Where as the onager has a lower arch because it has a shorter arm than the Trebuchet.

The onager has more velocity when you pull the string on it because it's torsion powered. Whereas the trebuchet has less velocity because it's gravity powered.

 In conclusion the trebuchet would be better for getting over castle walls because it has a higher arc because of it’s high arm.

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  1. Nice job! I liked how you told us about the forces and the velocity :D