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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocket writing

One day Greg was getting ready for a big meeting in the V.I.B(very important business)tower. He had dressed in a big black suit and a colourful tie, he was driving to the tower when he suddenly saw a man with magic bottles in his Hands and one of them said jumbo, he started walking to the tower as well. Greg got out of his car and walked inside to the elevator, the man with magic bottles had smudged stuff all over the button and speeded away, Gregg didn’t even notice he was so busy talking to another guy, so he pressed the button to go to the top floor but when he pressed the button he began to grow larger and Larger. 1 week later the magic man got caught and got sent to jail for his actions. That very same day the man got sent to jail, Gregg was in hospital trying to shrink, people were trying to come up with  potions to make him shrink, eventually they did make a potion to shrink him so gregg drunk the potion and he returned to normal size.

The end.

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